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Fluid-Plugin Lifetime License

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  • Auto completion for Fluid Layouts, Partials, Sections, ViewHelpers, inline ViewHelpers (Outside and inside of HTML tag attributes), ViewHelper arguments and most of the controller view parameters
  • Quick documentation for Fluid ViewHelpers, inline ViewHelpers and the ViewHelper arguments
  • Support for assigned variables within the Fluid template from the specific Extbase action
  • Jumping to the specific files: To the Partials, Layout, Sections within the Layout, controller by clicking on the controller view parameters, ViewHelper, inline ViewHelpers and ViewHelper arguments
  • Code highlighting for inline ViewHelpers
  • Error detection for inline ViewHelpers
  • Possible error annotations for inline ViewHelpers and ViewHelper usages
  • Brace matching for inline ViewHelpers


The template language "Fluid" has become indispensable in the TYPO3 environment. With this plugin the missing IDE support is retrofitted. The Fluid-Plugin provides functions like auto-completion, error detection, syntax highlighting and much more for PhpStorm, WebStorm and other IntelliJ IDEs from Jetbrains.