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TYPO3 SEO Redirects

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  • Adds a backend module "redirects"
  • Allows management (create, update, delete) of custom URL routes which can be filtered by categories and search words
  • Includes a log view where all executed redirects are tracked including timings
  • Allows the definition of custom Page Not Found functionalities for each site root in your installation
  • Built-in export functionality for .htaccess and CSV files


With this TYPO3 extension you can use the included backend module to quickly and easily create URL redirects and manage the behavior of your website when pages are not found. The resulting redirection rules can then be exported to a .htaccess file.

And if you use nginx instead of Apache for your web server, the SEO Redirects extension can make the configuration of URL redirects and 404 handling much easier for you, since you don't have to interfere with nginx's own configuration - a dream come true for every administrator and editor. Moreover, with a properly configured TYPO3 instance, no further step (such as adapting the TypoScript configuration) is necessary for use after installation.