About the Demo Page

Our preview page shows the various possibilities for designing a homepage. With the Website-Base you get an idea of how a website can be structured. At the same time navigation, colors, fonts and of course the content can be easily adapted to your company.

The Website-Base is based on the Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3, which enables editors to edit websites even without programming knowledge. In the modular system you simply create subpages and content and manage them. Working with TYPO3 is essentially very intuitive. For any questions that may arise, especially for editors without TYPO3 experience, we have created a comprehensive documentation for the Website-Base. Please contact us at any time, should any topics be missing or need to be covered in more depth.

Homepage, blog and shop are operated with the Website-Base in the TYPO3 Backend. If required, interfaces can be used to connect e.g. PIM systems (Product Information System), SAP or other external databases.


The demo page shows a wide variety of TYPO3 content elements and their variations, so that you can get an idea of the options available before creating your own content. The blog shows different ways of displaying posts. On the careers page you can see how job advertisements are structured and how easily interested parties can apply directly online for an advertised position or send an unsolicited application. In the online shop you can try out for yourself how an order process can work. It is also possible to create an account and log in. When purchasing the Website-Base, you can also track all structures and settings in the backend.

Website-Base – Options

Our Website-Base is available either at a fixed price or as a comfortable Website as a Service, where we host your site - we keep your system and its functions up to date and secure, while you only have to take care of the content of your site.