About the Preview Contents

This demo page shows the variety for designing the content of a homepage with the Website-Base. However, by combining content elements and alternative settings, content can be designed in such a variety of ways that a page can never display all the possibilities in an exhaustive manner - so in our preview, you see only a part of the design variations that can be realized with the Website-Base.

In addition to the demo page, we have also compiled a comprehensive TYPO3 documentation. It deals with all the content elements, but also highlights important modules and other aspects that are important when working with the CMS TYPO3 and the Website-Base.

The pages shown below show examples of some of the options of the existing content elements - the great variety covers (almost) every design need. There are e.g. some options to control linked pages. An internal link is output by default, as follows: Read our privacy policy

In the Rich Text Editor (the linked documentation shows how easy word processing in TYPO3 works), a link to an internal page can be displayed as a lightbox with just one click. Give it a try: Read our privacy policy

Demo Contents

The categories used are only intended to demonstrate the teaser element. All listed pages show preview contents of the sgalinski website base.

Cookie OptIn Interaction with JavaScript for Developers

For some use cases we allow developers on this demo page to interact with our Cookie OptIn system. We have compiled some use cases. You can see them in our demo.