Gallery & Lightbox

Simple images and galleries are quickly built up in the TYPO3 system. By default, images are displayed as lightboxes when opened in the Website Base: The image is enlarged while the background is 'darkened'. Just try it out and click on one of the images. To hide the lightbox, either click anywhere next to the displayed image or use the X in the upper right corner.

Whether an image is clickable and thus can be enlarged is decided individually in the image settings in the backend.

Gallery from Folder Contents

With the gallery element you can easily display images of a folder as a gallery.

Preview Images dynamically scalable

All preview images are automatically scaled down to the set size. The default size of 128 pixels can be overwritten directly in the content element.



Sliders can be placed as header element as well as within the page. In this case, the element at the top is also a slider, but with only one slide and full screen height.

Slider with Auto Height and Navigation dots

Slider with Medium Height

Slider with Low Height