Grids & Highlight Boxes

The grid elements can be used to display content in one to four columns, including configuration options for different breakpoints. The alignment can also be determined, as the following elements show.

One Column with Centered Contents with 50 % Width

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Two Columns with Vertically Centered Contents

Contents are in Highlight Boxes Primary

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Three Columns with left-aligned Text

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Four Columns

Filled with highlight boxes

Highlight Box Success

Highlight Box Info

Highlight Box Warning

Highlight Box Danger

In addition to the 'Highlight Box' mask element, there are other content elements for displaying information in containers. On the Boxes & Cards page, we present the 'Card' mask element and the 'Box' grid element.


Areas can be filled with almost any other content elements. The section headers on this page are already in the area with dark background. The text you are reading here is in the area with a light background.

Area with Background Image (Dark)

Alternatively, an area can also be highlighted with an image.

Area with Background Image

Alternatively, an area can also be backed with an image without an additional overlay. Instead, a box has been added to this area to highlight the text.

Area with Background Image (Bright) + scrolling Image

Alternatively, an area can also be highlighted with an image.
Here you can also set the image to scroll.